Ryan Rhodes: “I can’t imagine a better venue for learning self-defense…”

Ryan Rhodes

Ryan Rhodes is one of our blue belts at the Mario Roberto Jiu-Jitsu Academy. Here is what he has to say about training at our school:

I’ve trained in a variety of martial arts over the past 15 years, from aikido, to tae-kwon-do to hapkido, and although all those disciplines had their benefits, none have come even close to my experience training in Brazillian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) under black belt instructor Mario Roberto.

When it comes to real-world, live action, hand-to-hand grappling combat, I can’t imagine a better venue for learning the art of self-defense, combined with a stellar cardiovascular work-out, than that provided by the Mario Roberto Jiu-Jitsu Association (MRJJA).

Rather than the structured and regimented orthodoxy of most martial arts schools, within the MRJJA there’s an informal camaraderie amongst both students and instructor that makes for a very relaxed learning environment, despite the intensive workouts. Whether someone is a white belt, blue belt, black belt or no belt, everyone encourages and advises everyone else, with the ultimate goal of improving themselves and, by extension, the school.

A black belt instructor in BJJ is a rare commodity by itself; to have a black belt BJJ instructor in this part of the midwest is nothing short of amazing. Since joining the MRJJA in 2005, I’ve enjoyed improved focus and far less stress. In fact, my blood pressure has gone from bordering on high to a level 120/80 (although I learned that while having cauliflower ear drained as a result of training, but I think the trade-off has been quite worth it).

Mario is a dedicated BJJ and mixed martial arts (MMA) instructor who is genuinely interested both in his training and the training and improvement of his students. The skill and expertise he brings to his school is readily apparent in the students, whether they’re professional fighters or enthusiastic hobbyists. Within a few months of training, students are typically well aware of the BJJ basics and on their way to learning their own personal fighting preferences and grappling style.

Please visit Ryan’s excellent blog here.

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