Boxing is a combat sport in which participants learn how to effectively use hand striking techniques in self-defense and/or sport situations. Commonly referred to as the sweet science, pugilism is composed of a highly specialized set of skills. Unlike a street brawler, the trained boxer uses sound technical principles to overcome his opposition.


Amateur boxing has been an Olympic sport since 1908. Scoring is computed by points based on the number of clean blows landed, regardless of impact force or damage to the opponent. Bouts are limited to four two-minute rounds, and the mandatory use of headgear and 10 ounce gloves provides additional safety to the fighters. Professional boxing is a separate sport, with smaller gloves and longer bouts.

Female BoxerOur students benefit daily from the extensive experience and know-how of our coaches. In keeping with the ‘old school’ boxing gym experience, there is no structured class format in the boxing program. Instead, students are welcome to arrive at the gym and conduct their own individual workouts under the supervision of the staff.

A typical boxing workout will start with a light warm up. Many students choose to jump rope and then shadowbox for a few rounds. Shadowboxing, as the name implies, is when the fighter practices his moves alone in the ring, throwing punches in the air and attempting to correct his form by the use of a mirror.

Heavy BagOnce warmed up, the student can take advantage of our extensive array of boxing equipment and work on different stations. The speed bags are used as tools to build hand-eye coordination while conditioning the arm and shoulder muscles. The heavy bags will allow you to develop power in your punches, as well as serving as the ultimate cardiovascular workout. Double-end bags will help your timing and precision punching. Throughout all these stations our staff will be at hand motivating you and providing suggestions and corrections to your technique.

Another interactive part of the workout is mitt work. Our experienced coaches will hold focus mitts for the students. The coaches will walk you through different punching combinations, as well as work on your footwork and defense. Mitt work emphasizes proper technique and speed of execution.

Most of our students finish their workouts with a couple of rounds of sparring. Sparring is not mandatory, but highly recommended. It is the easiest way to learn how to fight, and the best way to see if the skills you have developed will work in a real situation. Fighter safety is always our top priority at the gym! Protective equipment is required, and we strongly discourage students from trading heavy blows during sparring. The purpose of sparring is to learn effective skills and not to hurt your partner.

Boxing is not only a fascinating sport to learn, but also a great self-defense method and excellent form of exercise. Here are some of the benefits you can reap from training:

q Build a solid boxing stance, movement & footwork;
q Develop powerful, devastating punches and combinations;
q Learn how to block and slip punches, bob and weave and effective defensive tactics;
q Master advanced boxing strategies and ring generalship;
q Increase your strength, cardiovascular conditioning, speed and coordination;
q Lose weight, stay fit and enjoy a healthy lifestyle!



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Boxing hours are Monday through Friday, from 05:30 to 07:30 PM, and Saturday from 01:30 to 02:30 PM.