• Jay Fohr: “Mario has taken a personal interest in trying to get me in better shape…”

    Jay Fohr

    Jay Fohr

    Jay Fohr is a white belt at the Mario Roberto Jiu-Jitsu Academy. 

    When I started attending classes at the MRJJA I did not know how lucky Rochester was to have Mario Roberto teaching Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu here. After I started talking to different people who attended other martial arts schools, I realized that Mario’s “check your ego at the door” policy was a rare thing. It also came to my attention that having beginners being taught by a BJJ black belt isn’t the norm.

    Over the past two years I have had  to deal with injuries and health problems (non-martial arts related) that did not allow me to progress as fast as I wanted to. Regardless, Mario has always been helpful in showing me what adjustments or techniques might work better for me. He has also taken a personal interest in trying to get me in better shape. After two years at the gym I consider Mario a friend as well as a teacher.

    Mario is always ready to answer anybody’s questions and will give them honest feedback on how they are doing.

    As for doing business with Mario, I’ve been his customer/student for over two years and I can’t say I know a more honest guy. If the banks were closed and I needed someone to hold $1000 for me, I would give it to Mario and not lose a minute of sleep over it.

    I would suggest to anyone in the area who is thinking of taking a martial art class to take advantage of the free introductory class and check out our Academy. If you’re looking for a gym where guys just congratulate each other on how tough they look in their new Affliction shirts, this probably isn’t the school for you. However, if you actually want to learn martial arts from a qualified instructor, whether it is for self-defense, BJJ or MMA, then the MRJJA might be the right choice.